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Every template made by Simply The Studio usually contains two different fonts — one for the text in the posts and one for the titles and headings.

If you don't like the font in the template, you can easily change it within minutes — and in this tutorial I'm going to show you how.

In this tutorial I'm working with the font called "Poppins", but you can choose any font you like.

load the font

1. Go to Google Fonts and find a font you like.
2. Next to the name you should see a plus sign in a red circle — click on it to select the font.

3. A new tab will appear at the bottom of your page with the heading "1 FAMILY SELECTED" — click on it to open it.

4. Click on "CUSTOMIZE" and pick the styles you want. Tip: Keep in mind that the more styles and fonts you select, the longer it will take to load your blog.

5. Click on "EMBED" and copy the text after:

<link href="

For example — that would be Poppins:200,300i,400.

6. Open your Blogger Dashboard and from the left menu select "Theme".
7. Click on "Edit HTML" under the preview of the template.
8. Fifth line in the code starts with <link href=' — locate this line.

9. After this line are already written fonts used in the template. Find the last font (it's before the quotation mark) and paste |.

10. Then paste the text you copied from Google Fonts.

11. Save the template!

edit the CSS

1. Go to "Theme" and click on "Edit HTML".
2. Find the section you want to edit — to edit (first) search for (second):

top menu — .menu-wrap
header — .Header h1
blog description — .description
post title — .post-title
post body — body
sidebar headings — .sidebar-wrap h2

3. Find the line that contains font-family. If it's not in this section, you may have to press ENTER and keep looking.

4. Change the font into the font you chose — I suggest coping it from Google Fonts (it's under "Specify in CSS").

5. Under font-family is font-weight — you may have to change this too; look at Google Fonts to find the weight for the style you want to use.

6. Save the template!

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