Shop Credits Removal

After purchasing the Shop Credits Removal Add-on sold on our shop you can remove the shop credits from the footer section of our templates. You can remove them yourself by following the tutorial below, or you can contact us and we will remove them for you. Remove by yourself Go to your Blogger dashboard, and […]

The Instagram widget is not working

If your Instagram widget suddenly stopped working or you can’t figure out why it isn’t working altogether, there may be a few reasons that cause this problem. You didn’t enter your username correctly When adding your Instagram username into the widget, make sure you didn’t add any other characters — like space or the “@” […]

Photos in the slider are blurry

There are two possible reasons why your photos look blurry — they are too small or you’re not posting the images in their original size. If your photos are too small, there’s no solution how to make them appear less blurry; only to always chose photos that are big. But if you do take/chose big […]

The related posts widget is not working

One of the features in every template from SimplyTheStudio is the Related posts widget below every post. This widget automatically generates more blog articles that are similar to the open post. If your Related Posts widget is not working — and you can’t see any suggested posts below any blog posts, it’s most likely because […]

Theme doesn’t look like the demo

You purchased the template, installed it and it doesn’t look 100% like the demo. Here’s how you can fix it. For new blogs When you create a new blog, Blogger automatically adds a few widgets. If you installed the template you bought from our shop, this widgets get rearranged — and they usually go to […]

The slider is not working

If your slider widget is not working properly or you can’t see it on your blog at all, there may be a few issues. Your blog is not public If your blog is private, the slider widget will not be visible. The slider uses the blog feed to display posts; and when the blog is […]