Frequently Asked Questions & Our Answers

From our premade templates to custom branding and website — we answered all of your most common questions at one place for easy access and quick overview.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will your templates work on WordPress/Squarespace?
No, our templates are for Blogger/ ONLY — meaning they will not work on any other website building platform.
Can I change fonts/colours?
Yes, you can easily customize the fonts and colour palette of each temlate; and we have tutorials to guide you.
Can I add more widgets into the template?
Yes — you can add your own widgets in the Layout section.
Can I use my own logo?
Of course! In the installation guide you’ll find a tutorial on how to upload the file.
How quickly can we get started?
We are usually booked at least one month in advance. But don’t hesitate to send us a message and ask!
Can I request the free installation later?
You can request the free installation service any time you want — even months after the purchase.
If your question was not answered
Take a look at our tutorials page with more detailed guides, as well as our troubleshooting page and solutions.
Still nothing?
If you can not find the answer or a guide you were searching for, send us a ticket and we will help you.