Instagram widget update

Since Instagram has been having some issues and it doesn’t support the original Instagram widget, we recommend switching to SnapWidget instead.
To change your Instagram widget, follow the tutorial below.

Creating the code on

  1. Go to and create an account by clicking on “Sign Up” in top right corner.
  2. Click on “Choose a service”, then on “Instagram” and select the first style “Grid”. After that, click on “Configure widget”.
  3. Important: You do not need to have a premium account. The widget can work with free account as well — click on the link below the form:
  4. Add your Instagram account and desired settings. We recommend changing the following:
    • Layout (Columns X Rows) — 6 X 1
    • Photo Padding — 0 px
    • Hover Effect — Fade Out
    • Sharing Buttons — No
    • Responsive — Yes
  5. Click on “Get Widget” and copy the HTML code.

Adding the code to your blog

  1. Open your Blogger and go to “Layout”.
  2. Find the original Instagram widget and delete it.
  3. In the Instagram/Footer section, click on “+ Add a widget” and select “HTML/JavaScript”.
  4. Into “Content” add the HTML code you copied from
  5. Save the widget and the blog layout.