By purchasing one of our templates, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below.

Template use

All of our templates are digital and you will not receive a physical item. When you purchase a template, you receive a copy of it, which means that the template is not only yours and will be resold to other customers. You may use the template on as many domains and blogs as you want, but they must be own by yourself. You are not allowed to resell, share or give away any of the files or any part of the code.

Shop’s Credits

All of our themes contain credits section at the bottom of the site, which contains the shop’s name or initials, and the link to our website. Removing the credits without permission or without buying “Shop Credits Removal” add-on sold on our website/Etsy shop, is against the shop’s policies. You are authorized to make any changes and modifications in the theme to fit your needs; in this case you can add “edited by…” into the footer after the credits.


We offer unlimited and free support to any of our templates; even to templates that are no longer available on our website/Etsy shop. Theme support includes free template installation, any errors and mistakes in the theme, or problems caused during installation. We are also happy to advice you and help you with blogging on Blogger and answer your questions about it.

Free theme support does not include custom changes.

Template updates

All themes are regularly updated — due to fixing any mistakes or errors, to update any part of the code if necessary, and to make the theme better and faster to load, in order to enhance your experience. If you purchased any of our themes and there’s a new version available, you can request the newer version. You do not have to repurchase it; just contact us on simplythestudio@gmail.com with your order number and we will send you the newer version of the theme.

This does not apply to templates NETTLE if you purchased it before 12th April 2021.

Template/Content Backup

We do not create any backup files for your theme and/or blog content when installing the theme. We are not responsible for any lost content and code; and we advice you to regularly create a backup for your blog, as well as create a backup of your previous theme before installing a new one or making any changes in the code.

Refund policy

Since the files are digital and you receive the files immediately after purchasing the theme, we do not accept any returns or refund requests. The exception can be made only if you purchase the same item twice — if this occurs, please, contact us on simplythestudio@gmail.com immediately.

If you have any other questions, contact us.