Thumbnail Photos Are Blurry

Thumbnail Photos Are Blurry
There are two possible reasons why your photos in the slider and post previews look blurry — they are too small or you are not posting the images in their original size. If your photos are too small, there is no solution how to make them appear less blurry; only to always choose photos that are big.
But if you do take/choose big photos and they still appear blurry in the slider, it is because you are not making them their original size. When you upload a photo while writing a post/page in Blogger and change the size (into “Small”, “Medium”, “Large” or “X-Large”), Blogger automatically creates a “new” photo, which is in lower quality. This way your blog loads a tiny bit faster.
To make your photos appear less blurry, you can change their size to “Original”.

How to make photos original size

Each time you upload a new photo to your posts in Blogger, always select “Original” as the size. Even if your picture is big, you do not have to worry about it “overflowing” into the sidebar or margins of the page — the CSS in the template will resize it to fit the post area; and if your photo is smaller than the post istelf, they will remain their original size while keeping their quality.

To correct photos in your published posts

  1. Open the post by clicking on “Edit”.
  2. Click on the first photo in the post. A small menu will appear below the photo.
  3. Change your settings to “Original size”.
  4. Save the post!
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