Theme Does Not Look Like The Demo Blog

Theme Doesn’t Look Like The Demo Blog
You purchased the template, installed it and it doesn’t look 100 % like the demo? Here’s how you can easily fix it.

For new blogs

When you create a new blog, Blogger automatically adds few widgets. If you installed the template you bought from our shop, these widgets get rearranged — and they usually go to the first available section; this would be “Top Menu” or “Header”.
To remove these widgets, go to “Layout”, find which widgets don’t belong there, open them by clicking on “Edit” and then click on “Remove” to remove them — these widgets may be “Profile”, “Report Abuse”, “Contributors” or “AdSense”.
To make sure you don’t delete any necessary widgets, we suggest looking at the demo and locating the widgets — usually in the “Top Menu” section should be only the “Pages” widget and in the “Header” section should be only the “Header” widget.
Since you’ve just created your blog, it’s also probably empty — in this case some widgets (like Slider, Popular posts or Featured post) won’t be displayed; and on homepage you’ll see the message “Posts in label” which will disappear after you publish your first post.

For older blogs

When you install the template, some widgets can left over from your previous theme; and you will have to remove them, since they are unnecessary.
If you’re not sure which widgets are “old” (from your previous theme) and which are “new” (a part of a new theme) and you’re afraid you’ll delete a widget you need, you can delete all widgets and upload the template again. This will ensure only the widgets which are edited and a part of a theme will be on your blog.
Did this not work for you?
Maybe it is not the right page for your issue. Take a look at our other troubleshooting pages, our detailed tutorial guides or the FAQ page for further help.