Troubleshooting Page

We will help you.
There are multiple occasions when you may experience some issues with a template purchased from our studio. An unexpected error can occur after you install a new template over an existing theme, there may be a widget problem or some element can stop working suddenly.
We put together a couple of tutorials and guides that will help you locate the problem and solve the issue. Often, the error is in the settings, some section of the code is faulty, or something is not set up correctly — and there is an easy fix for it.
Solutions to most common issues
Before you begin making any changes in the HTML code of the template or the code in the customized widgets, create a back up of your current theme.
If you haven’t found the answer yet
Take a look at our tutorials page with more detailed guides, as well as our FAQ page where we answered the most common questions.
No luck?
If you can not find a tutorial you were looking for, send us a ticket and we will help you.