Before Installation

Thank you for purchasing the template and supporting our shop — it is such an honor. Before you start installing the theme, there are a few tips and things we want you to know.

Always backup your template

Before you install your new theme or make any changes in the HTML code, always backup your current template. This way, if any errors occur, you will avoid messing up your blog and you can always come back to the last version.

To create a backup:

  1. Go to Theme.
  2. On the orange button, click on the arrow.
  3. Select “Backup” and download your template.

Layout and theme

If you are using Blogger in other language than English, you may be confused which tab from the left menu on your Blogger Dashboard is the “Layout” and which is the “Theme”.

To clarify this, “Layout” is the third option from the bottom (with a table icon) and “Theme” is second from the bottom (with a paint roller).

Compatible with Blogger Customizer

All templates bought from our shop SimplyTheStudio are compatible with Blogger Customizer — this means you can easily change all colours in the template without editing the CSS.

Optimized for Google Chrome

The templates bought from our shop are optimized for Google Chrome — the theme was developed for this browser and some parts (widgets, fonts or colours) potentially may not look the same as they do on demo photos if you are using any other Internet browser.