Category Boxes Setup

You can use category boxes to highlight main topics you focus on for easy navigation on your website. This allows new readers to see what you write about. You can also use this section for showing your portfolio or linking other projects and platform.

If you accidentally remove one category box, please contact us and we will add it back for you. The HTML code of category boxes has been customized, and if you add the Image widget back, it will not look the same and match the rest of the boxes.

Category boxes setup

  1. Go to Layout.
  2. Open the first category box.
  3. Replace the title with the name of the label page.
  4. Add your link.
  5. Upload an image from your device.
  6. Save and follow the same tutorial for the other boxes.

Some templates allow you to also add a short description or a caption which is placed below the title. Check the demo blog of your template to see if your theme supports this.

We also suggest copying the URL link of a label page directly from the browser. Before you add the category box, make sure the label already exists on your blog.

For TULIP template

The TULIP template does not feature Image widgets, but uses a LinkList widget that has been customized for a clean and minimalist look. The set up is the same as for the top/bottom menu.

  1. Go to Layout.
  2. Open the Explore widget.
  3. Add a new item and write the title of the label/page.
  4. Add your link.
  5. Add three more tabs.
  6. Save your changes.