Author's Profile

Your theme may contain an author's profile widget on the homepage or in the sidebar of the blog. This is a place for you to briefly introduce yourself and/or your blog to your readers and connect with them.

We suggest adding only a short bio here and keeping it below 300 characters. By linking your About Page, your readers can learn more about you from there.

Profile set up

  1. Go to Layout.
  2. Open the Profile widget.
  3. You can change the heading in the "Title".
  4. Add your bio under "Caption".
  5. Add a link to your About Page in the "Link" box.
  6. Upload your image from your device.
  7. Save your changes.

If you accidentally remove the profile widget, please contact us and we will add it back for you. The widget includes a custom HTML code and if you add a simple Image widget, it will not look the same and match the rest of the template.

For Alyssum template

To achieve the two heading look as on the demo blog, wrap the text that is meant to be in the smaller font in italics. The HTML code of the theme was customize to recognize the italics as the smaller heading.

This means that the text in <i> and </i> will be displayed as a smaller heading. To achieve the same look as the demo blog, replace YOUR NAME with your own name and save the widget.