Post text font is different from the demo

If the font in the posts does not match the rest of the theme and does not look like the font on the demo blog, this means that it was previously edited and customized.

We recommened not to manually edit the font and typeface in Blogger Post Editor — this adds unnecessary HTML, overrides the CSS and it may make the post look messy. For a professional look, keep the post text clean, without any colours and font changes. If you wish to change the default font in the template, we recommend changing it in the HTML code of the theme itself. You can find and easy tutorial on how to do this under How to change fonts in the template.

You should also write your posts directly into Blogger. Avoid copying the text from Google Docs or MS Word, as it also copies the formatting and it will mess up the fonts, styling and the colours in the post.

How to remove formatting

To make the post text font match the default theme font and make it look like the demo, you will need to remove added formatting.

  1. Open the post.
  2. Select all text.
  3. Click on three dots for more options and select "Clear formatting".
  4. If needed, remove added spacing and adjust the post.
  5. Save the changes.